Split and join files compatible with other applications


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MacHacha is a tool that allows you to split a large file into several smaller pieces. It really comes in handy when moving information from one computer to another, especially when the destination computer doesn't have an Internet connection, or the file transfer will just take too long.

What makes MacHacha stand out from other, similar applications is its ability to generate data packets compatible with those other applications, even if they were designed for other operating systems.

So, if you use MacHacha to split a 1GB file into two 512MB parts, to transfer it in two batches to your destination computer, it doesn't matter what operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux - that computer has. MacHacha can create packets compatible with Hacha, WinSplit, FastSplit, Split&Concat, and HJSplit.

Drag an drop the file you'd like to divide onto the MacHacha's icon. You will be prompted to enter a fragmentation size. Choose one of the predefined options, or enter your own number in Megabytes. MacHacha can also create self-extracting files for Windows through a file batch-processed for Mac. This option is available from the program's preferences menu.
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